REACH multi-stakeholder Workshop at Schön Klinik

21-07-16 Thomas Linner 0 comment


A series of multi stakeholder workshops will be organised under the lead of TU/e, Philips and Sturrm (EDMP), at the use case partners’ sites (SK, ZZ, Lyngby and HUG), involving local patients and their caregivers, care professionals, industry partners, as well as potential investors (e.g. insurance companies), in order to introduce REACH to local communities and implicitly increase the local literacy regarding ICT based solutions and their benefits, as well as to adjust the project’s progress to various stakeholders’ needs and preferences.

The Workshop at Schön Klinik (SK) took place on 21 and 22 June 2016, and employed representatives of REACH Consortium members, such as TUM, DTU, TU/e, Philips, Alreh Medical, Biozoon, as well as more than 10 local stakeholders coming from the outside of REACH Consortium, such as the SK staff, caregivers, and representatives of Allianz (insurance company), Alpenpark Kiefersfelden (nursing home), WKM (medical device provider), Bavarian Stroke Association, etc. The communication with the given external stakeholders will be maintained throughout the whole project duration.

The next multi-stakeholder Workshops are scheduled for September / October 2016, at the remaining use case partners’ sites. For more detailed information please refer to the Events section.

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