REACH at the International Society for Gerontechnology World Conference in Nice, France

04-10-16 Thomas Linner 0 comment


REACH presentation at ISG 2016


Symposium S9 Programme

As a part of the dissemination and communication strategy, REACH was presented at the ISG (International Society for Gerontechnology) world conference, during the Symposium S9 “Socio-technical aspects in promoting activity and customized health care”, at the end of September 2016, in Nice, France. Along with the presentation of the project to the scientific community belonging to the field of geriatrics, gerontology and the affiliated technologies, the REACH group held some work package and work task meetings, as well as arranged the setup of an AHA/REACH special issue of Journal of Gernontechnology and topic group with other ISG members, within ISG in 2017.  For further information regarding ISG world conference please refer to ISG 2016 official web-site here.

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