Early trial with devices and concepts relevant in the context of Touchpoint 1 completed at HUG

10-07-17 jim_wxqxe2ki 0 comment

A safety and proof-of-concept study of innovative REACH devices was recently conducted at HUG. Elderly patients with various degrees of cognitive and physical impairment were recruited and randomly assigned to train their transfers with an innovative Alreh Medical’s rehabilitation machine and gaming interface designed according to the standard medical care. Transfer training was performed under vital signs and activity monitoring by care-givers and Fitbit charge sensors. Endpoints were the reporting of any adverse events occurring in the different groups, as well as the functionality, assessed by the NASA task-load index. Furthermore, data collected by Fitbit charge sensors were compared to data collected by care-givers to assess the reliability of these sensors in a rehabilitation setting. Results are still under analysis, but no major adverse events were reported during the study and several inputs collected from patients and care-givers will allow to improve the rehabilitation tools.


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