Major sensing, monitoring and analysis activities in REACH

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Sensor Developments

In regards to the sensors and PI2Us development in the REACH project, the first set of prototypes of these systems were designed and implemented. Additionally, the functionality states of these prototypes are mentioned in front.

  • ECG Sensing: 85% implemented, under refinement
  • Thermal Camera: 75% implemented, under development and refinement
  • Pressure Mattress: 85% implemented, under refinement
  • Kinect for Motion Detection: 60% implemented, under development
  • Alreh Medical Step Counter: 90% implemented, under refinement
  • PI2U—Bed: 70% implemented, under development and refinement
  • PI2U—MiniArc: 75% implemented, under development and refinement
  • PI2U—SilverArc: 40% implemented, under development


All REACH PI2Us (e.g., PI2U-Bed, PI2U-MiniArc, PI2U-SilverArc)

ECG Setup

ECG Sensing Experiment

Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera Application

Pressure Mattress Data Collection

Pressure Mattress Data Collection

Data Analysis

In regards to the Data Collection, Data Annotation and Data Analysis, many details and issues were discussed and aligned between TUM, SK and FIAIS over weekly/biweekly conference calls. The main points and conclusions of these discussions are summarized below:

  • It was decided to monitor the following major points: (1) physical activity, (2) liquid input, (3) eating habits, and (4) hygiene activities.
  • In order to implement monitoring of these activities in the first data collection round, the following sensors are planned to be used: (1) SmartCardia wearable sensor, (2) Pressure Mattress, (3) Activpal accelerometer wearable sensor, (4) Myoband Arm EMG Sensor, and (5) Cameras (only used for the Data Annotation proving, not for data collection).

The implementation/execution timeline for Data Collection is planned as below:

  • First Data Collection at TUM: September 10th to 28th
  • Second Data Collection at SK: February 2019
  • Running Demo at Lyngby: May 2019

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