Development of a comprehensive testing strategy and concentration on medical outcomes

27-09-18 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

In order to develop a holistic REACH concept which delivers quantifiable values, it is necessary to follow a standardized and yet adaptable roadmap covering testing and outcomes of all use cases and touch-points. Medical outcomes play a key role because REACH is addressing patients and the elderly to improve their physical and mental health, and therefore enhance their overall quality of life. The value of the system itself and its impact can only be assessed with comparable data overall test scenarios on a European level. The change induced by the REACH system will be proved by measuring in relevant units, e. g., savings in €, steps per day, independence level.

As a first step, all information about completed and ongoing projects and related data were collected and structured in a relational database. A mini-protocol as a preparatory tool for the planning stage has been developed to safeguard quality and completeness of the trial data sets. The next step towards an integrated data analysis will be the gathering of assessments and/or tasks which are identical or alike and therefore easy to compare. A careful selection will prevent overlapping and redundancy. Core assessments will be defined which should be preferred by the partners whenever scientifically reasonable.

comprehensive testing strategy 1    comprehensive testing strategy 2

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