Save the date! – REACH exhibition and symposium in May 2019

23-11-18 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

For the week of 13th-16th of May 2019, a major REACH event at DTU will be held.

Working title: Conference on Active and Healthy Ageing 2019 (AHA)

Co-organized by:

  1. REACH2020,
  2. DTU Management Engineering Department,
  3. EIP AHA A3 & C2,
  4. EuroTech Alliance,
  5. International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG),

Expected participant groups (approx. 150 participants in total):

  1. EIP AHA A3 + C2 members (approx. 40 participants)
  2. REACH consortium (approx. 40 participants)
  3. Horizon 2020 projects like REACH (approx. 5 participants)
  4. International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG) members (approx. 5 participants)
  5. 6 external experts on the invitation
  6. Elderly from local Lyngby area and care homes (approx. 5 participants)
  7. Visitors (nurses, care professionals, scientist, companies, etc.) from Copenhagen/Lyngby area (approx. 50 participants)
  8. A delegation from Japan, Kogakuin University (Prof. Endo; approx. 5 participants)
  9. EC & EuroTech Brussels offices participants (approx. 5 participants)

In the interactive exhibition, the contents of each touchpoint will be presented to the visitors through an interesting mix of posters and prototypes. The local elderly citizens will be invited to test and comment on such issues like the usability of the REACH prototypes etc. This exhibition will be especially interesting for elderly citizens, caregivers, medical staff and physicians. Simultaneously, there will be a symposium which includes guests, elderly citizens and experts from specific topics such as data analytics and behavior change etc.

REACH will benefit from an exceptional opportunity that EIP Group will hold its annual meeting at this REACH event. EIP AHA Action Group consists of about 100 organizations including care centers, industries and public health authorities. It aims to understand the underlying factors of frailty so as to improve prevention strategies and manage frailty syndrome and its consequences in a better way.

See the image of the venue – DTU Glassal:

DTU glassaal

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