Second CEN-CENELEC STAIR-AHA meeting: a new approach to AHA standards engaging end users

14-01-19 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

The second CEN-CENELEC STAIR-AHA meeting will take place on January 31st, 2019 at the CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels. The meeting will also be the culmination and final event of the PROGRESSIVE project.

The focus of the meeting will be primarily on (1) age-friendly communities as enablers of active and healthy aging, (2) age-friendly smart homes, (3) inclusiveness in standardization with accessibility and usability as a use case, and (4) actions to promote user co-production in standardization and presentation of an official PROGRESSIVE and STAIR-AHA statement and policy guideline.

REACH and PROGRESSIVE share a common interest in driving forward standardization in the Active Healthy Ageing (AHA) filed on national, EU, and international levels). DIN is a partner of both REACH and PROGRESSIVE.

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