REACH Workshop on Monitoring and Nutritional Aspects in Touchpoint 3 was successfully held in Eindhoven on November 28th

31-10-19 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

REACH Touchpoint 3 update workshop on integrated monitoring and modification of physical activity, and nutritional aspects was successfully held at Eindhoven on October 28th, 2019.

In Touchpoint 3 an app for behavior detection/monitoring, analysis, and modification is developed. The app integrates the following sub-functionalities nutritional monitoring, physical activity, and social activity monitoring, and a machine learning-based recommender system. It builds on schematics and sets of rules. It is intended for healthy or not seriously ill people, especially older persons. The system can also be used under medical supervision to improve the treatment of chronic diseases (diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, etc.).

The workshop clarified the “to market” practice cases and, the exact allocation of the system in the continuum between non-medical and medical devices, as well as the associated business models and value chains. The workshop also addressed the integration of aspects such as weight follow-up, Body Mass Index (BMI), and nutrition markers.


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