Wrapping up of trials and practice cases

04-02-20 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

In order to provide a comprehensive summary of all testing activities, the medical core group (DTU, HUG, SK, TUM) created a mini protocol template (which requested the outline of some methodological aspects of each study such as study designs, the recruitment phase, population under investigation, etc.), and ensured that data were submitted and provided by the trial manager to the core group. In this deliverable, we present, structure, and interpret the formalized results of the final testing and optimization activities of all testing activities in REACH. The deliverable includes the summarization of testing and evaluation of final testing of a continuously improved system in the form of prototypes in real-world environments and the presentation of optimization measures. The deliverable is an update on deliverable D27 and associated with tasks T6.5, T6.6, T6.7, T6.8. In reaction to the reviewers’ comments, we initiated additional trials focusing on practice cases. Those trials are specifically labeled and included in the updated overview. A review on factors, i.e., falling, frailty, cognitive decline, sarcopenia, social isolation, and malnutrition, was performed to show the most important co-factors. Addressed in this deliverable is also the role of privacy and the hierarchy of needs which are essential components of the acceptance and use of technology.


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