Enhancing user acceptance through integrated consideration of motivational and behavior change techniques

04-02-20 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

The last period of REACH clarified concepts and system functionalities to create through the consequent integration of Behaviour Change Techniques into REACH solutions measurable benefits for aspects such as system performance, end-users, and care professionals. In REACH behavior change and personalization techniques are utilized to digitally engage older persons in physical activity and mobilization activities. Based on the theoretical and conceptual foundations laid down in Reporting Period 1, in Reporting Period 2, we translated these theoretical models into concrete techniques and detailed the behavior change regimes for the various REACH solutions (Reporting Period 3). We implemented design for behavior change in various REACH solutions for a variety of elements such as care workflows and processes, user interfaces, exercise schematics and PI²U, and prototyped and tested the outcomes.


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