Open access to REACH public deliverables (DOI)


Please click the following links to view and download the reports:

  1. Deliverable D1 “Use Case Analysis” – Report (Public)

  2. Deliverable D2 “Stakeholders; Motivational Strategies, Early Trials” – Report (Public)

  3. Deliverable D3 “PSS Value Proposition” – Report (Public)

  4. Deliverable D14 “Theory-based Behavior Change Strategies for Touchpoints” – Report (Public)

  5. Deliverable D15 “PSS Concepts Based on Motivational Strategies” – Report (Public)

  6. Deliverable D29 “System Personalisation Strategy” (Public)

  7. Deliverable D21 “Requirements and basic functionality PI2Us” – Report (Public)

  8. Deliverable D25 “REACH System Integration” – Report (Public)

  9. Deliverable D34 “Detailing of REACH value propositions” – Report (Public)

  10. Deliverable D40 “IP Management in REACH” – Report (Public)

  11. Deliverable D41 “REACH Stakeholder Management” – Report (Public)

  12. Deliverable D42 “Detailed Dissemination Plan” – Report (Public)

  13. Deliverable D35 “Collaboration network organization” – Report (public)

  14. Deliverable D24 “Partly functional/functional mock-ups and prototypes of PI2Us” – Report (public)

  15. Deliverable D26 “Final mock-up version of REACH system” – Report (public)

  16. Deliverable D27 “Formalised results of pretesting I and II activities” – Report (public)

  17. Deliverable D30 “User acceptance and motivational strategies” – Report (public)

  18. Deliverable D28 “Formalized results of final testing and optimization activities” – Report (public)

  19. Deliverable D32 “Detailed set of privacy guidelines and schemata” – Report (public)

  20. Deliverable D36 “Business model proposals for the REACH system and sub-systems” – Report (public)

  21. Deliverable D38 “Standardization activities” – Report (public)