University of Copenhagen

Prof. Henning Langberg
Tailored Rehabilitation Interventions

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CopenRehab is located at Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health at University of Copenhagen and lead by professor Langberg. CopenRehab’s research focus in on rehabilitation within chronic lifestyle related diseases and loss of function in elderly and diseased. Professor Langberg has established a close collaboration with Danish Technical University, Copenhagen Business School, IT-University of Denmark and partners from industry to develop and test new technologies.

Role in REACH

CopenRehab is specialized in the use of tailored interventions targeting loss of physical function. Main area of interest is the use of technologies to improve or maintain physical function and to develop and maintain motivation over time in a life long perspective allowing the citizens to live a “normal” life while supported and monitored by guardian angles (sensors, wearable’s). To sustain the healthy “habits” we develop and use “timed feedback” technologies and pervasive technologies to target the citizens based on knowledge of their personality types, previous habits and experiences and personal goals.