Alreh Medical

Piotr Partyga
Project Leader for Alreh Medical, Strategy and Business Model

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Alreh Medical is R&D company and manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for children, teenagers and adults. We specialize in standing up technologies and active rehabilitation based on physical effort and activation of all muscle groups and the whole skeletal system, carried out mainly at home. We provide disabled people with innovative technologies for active rehabilitation tailored to their needs, depths of dysfunction, housing conditions and financial possibilities.

All our products are our inventions protected by applicable patents. We have15 years of experience in R&D of custom made rehabilitation equipment designed for disabled people with various depths of disability. We have made several hundred of individual projects. In addition, we have considerable experience in the field of motivation for physical activity among people with disabilities.

Role in REACH

Alreh Medical proposes a coherent project consisting of four tasks that should ensure a full range of rehabilitation of senior people, required by the project, including:

– the design and development of a selected set of modular add-on devices for mobilization/training of users for user-specific, target oriented intervention purposes.

– the design and development of multifunctional rehabilitation ( mobility ) system designed for mobility-focused activation designed mainly ( but not limited ) for elderly people in medium to poor physical condition who require long-term rehabilitation.