Biozoon food innovations GmbH was established in 2001 and currently employs 23 persons, among which are food technologist, engineers and food marketing experts. Biozoon is located in Bremerhaven at the centre of the Northern Germany food industry. The business concept is based on three pillars:

  1. Providing advisory services to the food industry
  2. Development and protection of food processes and products, protecting them by means of IPR and licensing
  3. Development, production and sales of own products

Role in REACH

Biozoon will ensure the design and the implementation of different food provision modules for the elderly through development of personalized recipes and culinary guidelines. Biozoon is also responsible for the development and production of personalised food with modified sensory properties for elderly with oral impairments. Beside the above, Biozoon is also giving support in different tasks of the project, especially in the ones addressing food related aspects.