Getinge group / ArjoHuntleigh

Hans Lingegård
Marketing Director, Strategic Marketing

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Richard Nilsson
Head of New Solutions Research Patient & Post Acute Care

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ArjoHuntleigh offers a wide range of hospital and long term healthcare equipment (beds, lifting equipment etc.) that allow good infection control and offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, safety and ease of use as well as promote effective risk management. The range includes hospital beds, birthing beds, community beds, nursing home beds, paediatric beds and stretchers, as well as related accessories that are designed to support and assist the resident/patient and the caregiver. ArjoHuntleigh products help to reduce fall risk, improve pressure area care and promote resident/patient independence and comfort. Furthermore, ArjoHuntleigh offers a wide range of solutions for safe patient transfers. The most optimum solution may be chosen from an extensive range of lifters and accessories to meet specific patient/resident needs and to secure a safe, comfortable and dignified transfer as well as achieving a safe and efficient working environment for the caregiver. ArjoHuntleigh and the Getinge group also offer a range of software systems that track equipment and schedule patient flow.

Role in REACH

ArjoHuntleigh and the Getinge group over all role is to contribute with expertise as a global provider (Development, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing) in the area of equipment and software. The ArjoHuntleigh role is to be a part in the specification of the development of new smart technology to be integrated in existing products such as beds, patient handling, rehabilitation etc. The role is also to be a part of the development of patient mobilization products and services that monitor and motivate patients to recover quicker, with the aim to increase productivity in the care flow. Finally the ArjoHuntleigh role is in the end of the project to evaluate healthcare economics and distribution and sales alternatives