University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)

Prof. Antoine Geissbühler
Project Manager, Head of the division of eHealth

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Mirana Randriambelonoro
Data Analysis, Motivation

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HUG is the biggest university hospital of Switzerland, covering virtually all types of care. The eHealth and telemedicine division has three main missions: to develop eHealth activities for care professionals and patients (e.g. The Geneva Health Information Exchange,, to develop telemedicine and tele-education locally and internationally, and to coordinate medical informatics between the HUG and the Faculty of Medicine.

Role in REACH

Our division will be involved in various steps in the REACH project. Using ethnographic studies, we will first define a precise use-case for REACH that will guide the technical development. We will then work in close collaboration with the Human-Machine interaction group of Prof. Pu (EPFL) and other consortium members to create algorithms able to detect abnormal patterns of health data and propose relevant recommendations. We will also help designing innovative, long-lasting, motivational strategies via an adapted human-machine interface. Finally, we will help designing REACH modules and participate in the testing and refining of the developed prototypes.