REACH provides solutions that can support older people and their carers to overcome the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak

02-04-20 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

The COVID-19 context (and similar crises and pandemics that may come up in the future for which the world needs to better prepared and more resilient) implies a series of challenges and constraints on future care and health care. Specifically, older persons who often have multimorbidities belong to the so-called vulnerable group of the population. In general, with regards to care for older person in ageing society, the following response categories can be identified:

  1. “Before” – prevention, physical/functional training, and the building up of resilience and managing the health older persons proactively.
  2. “During” – Managing the impact of “physical distancing” on care, individual well-being, independent living, digital care solutions that still allow for social inclusion, etc.
  3. “After” – solutions/interventions to manage care homes and hospitals once affected by COVID-19, such as modular ICUs specifically designed for handling COVID-19 cases or new hygiene preserving and assistive technology and furniture for care homes.

We believe that carefully designed and human-cantered technology and digital solutions for the care context – as developed and validated by REACH in a course of more than 6 years – will play a crucial role in responding to the challenges and transform health care.
Major strategy and management consulting firms such as McKinsey and Roland Berger see digital technology as the key element on worldwide level to restart economies successfully after the lockdowns and build more resilient structures in all industry sectors and areas. Governments and municipalities plan to put billions of Euros into programs that will fund and strengthen digital solutions in the context.

Lets jointly build a better and more resilient future for us all.


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