ActivLife system ready for use at care homes and rehab clinics. Have fun and stay healthy in the time of crisis as well when you have to stay home.

05-04-20 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

COVID-19 outbreak makes digital MedTech solutions for active aging and elderly rehabilitation a necessity as digital solutions are not only more engaging for the elderly but also allow for long-term “social distancing” in times of pandemic. After present close-down, we will gradually reopen societies but continue “social distancing” rules where good infection control is crucial: with the elderly and the chronically ill. Managing the impact of physical distancing on elderly care may only be possible with digital care solutions which allow for close relations with caregivers from the time before the pandemic to continue and intensify.

ActivLife is a system for cognitive activation and physical rehabilitation of the elderly. It engages patients in safe and playful exercises including unique sit-to-stand and balance training. A caregiver can fully personalize gaming experience so it is always funny and attractive even for cognitively impaired patients. During training, the caregiver always keeps 2 meters distance from the patients and the device can easily be disinfected after use.

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