INVIS CARE – a solution for relatives and friends to engage in closer relations with older people at a time of social distancing

05-04-20 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

For older adults, inaction and isolation for several months are directly related to a significant deterioration in general health and depression. The far-reaching consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will soon put the social isolation as the number one topic in aging.

Through the years of cooperation with REACH Invis Care has built good knowledge of what are the older peoples’ needs for physical and cognitive activation and how families and peers can better (and easier) engage older people with help of new technologies. Invis Care is such a strategic stool for caregivers to activate the elderly in a personalized way, with comfortable intensity for both the user and the caretaker.

As long as older people live independently they will not easily use smartwatches, our best source of data on their activity. For the 60+ it is also very important to stay fashionable and don’t get stigmatized by special fall-alarm devices while for 75+ it is too difficult to use smartwatches, take care of charging, etc.
Invis Care addresses all those problems. Technically we use advanced wearable technology that brings connectivity to a classic watch beloved by well-grown generations: a lightweight and flexible implant that can be integrated into high-quality leather watch straps and transforms a classic watch into a smartwatch. Now our plan is to implement body temperature sensor and offer fever monitoring as an early detection solution. Invis Care application for caregivers brings information on activity level of the user and facilitates daily, regular contact between the user and the caregiver with several coaching functions. The right level of contact and attention of a loved one reduces the feeling of loneliness and helps prevent depression in addition to make miracles to cognitive and physical activity.

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