Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare



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Short Description

REACH aims to develop a service system that will turn clinical and care environments into personalisable modular sensing, prevention, and intervention systems that encourage the elderly to become healthy via activity (physical, cognitive, mobility, personalized food, etc.). The project abbreviation stands for Responsive Engagement of the Elderly Promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare. The proposal for this project was developed in 2015 and submitted under pillar 3 of H2020 in societal challenge 1 Personalized Healthcare (PHC). In the European consortium with 17 partners from higher education institutions and industry, the four EuroTech Universities along with the industry partners (including leading European health care technology, rehabilitation, and care and hospital firms) build the core of this project. The total grant amounts around 6 Million Euros.

Ongoing Activities