Planned REACH exhibition and symposium in May 2019

27-09-18 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

For the week of 13th-16th of May 2019, a major reach event at DTU is planned that integrates

  1. REACH meeting;
  2. REACH interactive exhibition, which includes inviting the elderly and testing the prototypes and receiving feedback from them. Additionally, it was planned to invite staff from “care centers” and “senior centers”;
  3. An international REACH symposium, which includes inviting international experts to provide input on certain topics such as “behavior change” and “digital systems”.

In the interactive exhibition, the contents of each touchpoint should be brought to the visitors through an interesting mix of posters and prototypes. The local elderly citizens will be invited to test and comment on issues such as usability regarding the REACH Prototypes. This exhibition will be especially interesting for elderly citizens, care givers, medical staff and physicians. Simultaneously, there will be a symposium which includes guests, elderly citizens and experts from topics such as data analytics and for behavior change.

REACH has the exceptional opportunity that EIP Group will hold its annual meeting at the REACH event. EIP AHA Action Group consists about around 100 such as care centres, industries and public health authorities. Their aim is the understanding of underlying factors of frailty to improve prevention strategies and managing frailty syndrome and its consequences.

Exhibition and Symposium in May 2019

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