REACH is collaborating with innovative wearable provider Invis

18-02-20 Rongbo Hu 0 comment

REACH starts to collaborate with innovative wearable provider Invis Wearables within the REACH ecosystem.

Invis Wearables innovates revolutionary wearables that integrate seamlessly into everyday carry-set. Invis Wearables is a Polish SME comprised of fourteen employees operationally involved in development and production. Invis use agile methodologies and employ a flat structure and remuneration system wherein every team member is equally important and motivated. To better understand the key beneficiaries, Invis has partnered with leading research universities around Europe. The Invis Care Project improves the physical activity levels and connectedness of the elderly as well as the caregiving abilities of their loved ones, through the use of modern wearable technology. Their disruptive innovation is the first non-intrusive solution that serves to benefit the elderly in their every-day life, preventing loneliness and technological exclusion.

Invis found a compromise between the traditional design of a watch strap, a product which people are already accustomed to wearing, and modern technology that offers a number of medical, social, and practical functions. They developed an implant that fits non-intrusively into the malleable structure of a leather and silicone watch strap. As a result, our solution is a lightweight, flexible, energy-efficient, recyclable, intelligent watch strap designed to bring comfort, ease and support, while employing discrete communication using vibrations, taps, and the light of the diode. The Invis Care watch strap will come with the Invis App, serving as a platform for relationships across generations to flourish through the motivation and communication around the topics of health and activity. Invis App will be supported by AI technology. The Invis Care Project is an entirely new approach to wearables. There is no such solution on the market. The purpose of Invis Wearables’ products is to help people in their daily activities and social interactions by integrating advanced technology into their favorite accessories, preserving classic design and heritage. They reinvent products to which people are already emotionally and physically attached.

The Invis Care Project aligns with the strategies of existing Invis Wearables products. However, Invis’ innovation is an opportunity to address the problems arising within a neglected market, presenting us a potent mission: to redefine every-day wearables so they may more efficiently benefit the elderly and their caregivers. Invis believes that through physical activity, they can motivate the transition of the elderly into the connected world.

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