Master Project: Developing Interior Smart Units for Older Persons Living with Dementia – novel care solutions in the COVID-19 context

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The COVID-19 context (and similar crises and pandemics that may come up in the future for which the world needs to better prepared) implies a series of challenges and constraints on future care and health care. Specifically, older persons who often have multimorbidities belong to the so-called vulnerable group of the population. In general, with regards to care for older person in ageing society, the following response categories can be identified:

  1. “Before” – prevention, physical/functional training, and the building up of resilience among older persons in general.
  2. “During” – Managing the impact of “social distancing” on care, individual well-being, independent living, etc.
  3. “After” – solutions/interventions to manage once affected like modular ICUs specifically designed for handling COVID-19 cases of similar future instances of it (as suggested by Prof. Bock) or maybe even solutions for instantly deployable modular hospitals that can on demand be allocated/re-allocated within Europe or maybe even by WHO on a worldwide basis. China showed how it works – but it could be even done much better if this approach would be more formalized and systemized, equipped with high-tech, etc.

Carefully designed and human-centered technology-based and digital solutions can play a crucial role in responding to the challenges. In the care context, specifically older persons living with dementia and the carers and care systems working with them are among the most affected ones.

Chair: Chair of Building Realization and Robotics, Prof. T. Bock, Dr. T. Linner (course coordinator)

Language: English, English support (i.e. lecture/learning materials in English, group work/individual reviews in English)

Study level: Master

Kick-off date: 22.04.2020

Meetings: Wed. 13:15 – 17:45

Learning Mode (for SS 2020 due to COVID-19 context): 

The course was in TUM-Online enabled as E-Learning Kurs (Moodle). All instructions (including teaching materials, lectures, tasks, etc.) will be provided in Moodle; face-to-face meetings (on-desk critique meetings, intermediate and final presentations, etc.) will be carried out on Adobe Connect (which has a direct link with Moodle; invitations to the face-to-face meetings in Adobe Connect will be provided to students in Moodle).

Students log in to Moodle with their TUM account on:

Note: Students register for the course on TUM-Online. All registrations are by TUM online automatically transferred to Moodle.

Interm. reviews: TBD

Final Presentation: 22.07.2020


Contact person:

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner

Email: thomas.linner (at)


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