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Jari Due Jessen
Post Doc at center for Playware

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The Human Factor’s research group applies behavioural and engineering sciences to the design, implementation and evaluation of products, services and systems and, more generally, working and living environments. The group focuses on developing novel technologies to analyse and facilitate human behaviour in working or living environments. Our research domains extend from healthcare to production, service and transport industries.

Role in REACH

Among our several roles in REACH are: Coordinate implementation and evaluation of long-term use of the REACH solutions at the Danish node with elderly in their own homes. Contribute to development and test of motivational technologies that invite users to engage in playful physical activities. Coordinate evaluation activities across individual components, system level integration., usability and user acceptance and pragmatic qualitative and quantitative user outcomes. Chair the project ethics panel, monitor compliance with ethics standards in relation to user evaluation trials, and investigate how concerns over privacy may impact and be accommodated in the design of solutions.