The first public REACH Deliverable Report has been submitted to EU

21-07-16 Thomas Linner 0 comment

The REACH first public Deliverable Report, D 1.1 – “Analysis of the current use-cases and practices at HUG, SK, ZZ and Lyngby and formulation of initial, concrete use case scenarios”, was successfully submitted to EU at the end of April 2016.

The given Deliverable Report presents the outcomes of the analysis (including on-site analyses, stakeholder identification, identification of used assessment practices, patient profiles, personas, interviews with patients and stakeholders, etc.) of the current situation and practices at the use case partner’s care settings and the formulation of first, initial use scenarios (including concrete application opportunities/experience maps for each setting, opportunities arising from transfer through institutions/settings, technological potentials and opportunities, etc.). To accomplish this task, an analysis framework was first developed (Month 1), then further analysis was carried out (Month 2), and finally conclusions were drawn (experience maps, scenarios, opportunities, etc.; Month 3). Key feature of the analysis was an in-depth analysis of more than 50 real-world end-user profiles. Based on the analyses conducted within this deliverable, the system vision will be detailed in T1.2, an in depth stakeholder analysis conducted, and requirements systematically elicited and formalized.

The next REACH Deliverable Report, D42-a – “The Detailed Dissemination Plan”, will be submitted to EU by the end of July 2016. The two public Deliverable Reports will be soon available for downloading in the Library section.

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