REACH multi-stakeholder Workshop at ZuidZorg

07-11-16 Thomas Linner 0 comment

One of the biggest and most multi-disciplinary groups so far came together to have a 2 full day program of workshops in Eindhoven.  Project partners, elderly people and volunteers were all invited at the ZuidZorg activity center, where they provided us a wonderful service throughout the day. The workshops took place on the 13th and 14th of September, on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Some design students from TU/e joined us in the program as well, so they could use the workshop outputs in one of their electives.

All together we came up with a variety of ideas hitting over 30. As a group we voted for the winning concepts, giving some of the elderly who were so eager to stay throughout both  the workshop days the power to decide and have multiple votes for the ideas.

The concepts we focused on included a mobile activity center/coffee corner, a visual diary (necklace) and a pattern tracker called PATTY.

We had a lot of fun, also during our high cuisine Wynwood dinner in one of the new and upcoming design areas in Eindhoven. There were 2 great energetic days!


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