10th World Conference of Gerontotechnology

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International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG) encourages and promotes technological innovations in products and services that address older peoples’ ambitions and needs on the basis of scientific knowledge about ageing processes including cultural and individual differences. The ISG is an international association with members both from industry and academia that organizes joint strategic activities, conferences, workshops and publishes a scientific journal.

On the 10th World Conference of Gerontotechnology (September 28-30, 206, France/ Nice) organized by the ISG the REACH consortium will contribute with an own symposium session “Socio-technical aspects in promoting activity and customized healthcare”. REACH coordinator Prof. Thomas Bock will be the convenor of the session and selected consortium partners will hold talks on topic such as the development and evaluation of robotic furniture, the designing for healthy and active ageing with intelligent technologies, ethical concerns over monitoring of older adults via ambient and wearable sensors, recommendation technology for behavior change, and technical systems promoting customized activity in rehabilitation settings

The participation in the conference will allow the project partners to make contact with potential stakeholders and convey REAH’s key messages to target audiences.

For further information, see: http://www.isg2016.org/programme/symposia/30